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Author: Loizou, Eleftherios Title in other language: The social welfare system in Cyprus and social policy interventions on a local level [english] Dates: 11-11-2020
Author: Skafida, Photini Title in other language: S.A.K.A. gia to Nipio (Preschooler’s School Bag): Construction of a school tool for perceptual-motor development screening of children 4-6 years old. [english] Dates: 27-10-2020 Department: Department of Life and Health Sciences
Author: Marouso, Chanioti Title in other language: Μentors guidance, socio-educational resistance, school climate [english] Dates: 06-2020 Department: Department of Education
Author: Nicolaou, Nicolas Title in other language: Total Quality Management and Cost Estimation in Healthcare Departments: Theoretical Approaches and Practical Applications for the Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Nicosia General Hospital [english] Dates: 3-2020