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Author: Georgiou, Elena Title in other language: Occupational Stress: Its impact on Health Professionals [other] Dates: 3-2022 Department: Department of Management and MIS
Author: Karagkounis, Michail Title in other language: The role of Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics teaching to Primary School Children with Dyscalculia [english] Dates: 2022 Department: Department of Education
Author: Stoupathis, Konstantinos Title in other language: Ethical issues of contemporary art conservation according to M. Lipman's philosophy of caring-thinking [english] Dates: 2022
Author: Panagi, Dimitris Title in other language: The Ecclesiology of Saint Nectraius, Metroploitan of Pentapole [english] Dates: 2022 Department: Department of Theology
Author: Ranner, Rosa Maria Title in other language: Über die subjektiven Theorien der 12- bis 14-Jährigen zu psychoaktiven Substanzen und Konsumverhalten Eine qualitativ-rekonstruktive Studie in einer Within-Method Triangulation [German] Dates: 5-2021 Department: Department of Social Sciences
Author: Argyrou, Marios Title in other language: Selection Criteria for National Adolescent Male and Female Basketball Players Based on Physical, Physiological and Genetic Characteristics [english] Dates: 2021 Department: Department of Life and Health Sciences
Author: Glantschnig, Susanne Title in other language: Effectiveness of a combination of Brainspotting and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in clients after stressful or traumatic experiences [english] Dates: 2021