Kose, Janina
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2021
    248 pages
    • Digitalisation is the central theme of our age and reflects not only individual industry sectors. Digitalisation influences customers, markets, society, the non-determinability of competitors and the worlds of work, and rings in the Digital Economy. This revolutionises not only the employment market, but also increases the pressure on innovation and the development of new business models that can replace the existing, viable models.

      The study will examine what influence is exerted by effective leaders regarding successful change projects in the context of digital transformation and to show what kind of leadership approaches they use. The objective of the dissertation is therefore to demonstrate possible dimensions of successful leaders in the context of digital transformation and to define a competence model of a digital leader (necessary skills of a leader and change management competences). At the same time, the aim is to provide evidence of the influence of the company environment and the effect on the dimension of the successfully implementation of digital transformation.

    Die Bedeutung von Leadership Management im digitalen Transformationsprozess (Entwicklung eines Digital Leadership Kompetenzmodells als Voraussetzung für erfolgreiche digitale Transformation)

    1. PhD thesis
    2. German
      1. Social Sciences -- Psychology