• School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • May 2022
    107 pages
    • This dissertation examined the relationship between dispositional and situational humility, selfenhancement measures as potential mediators, the role of self-esteem, and the implications on the humility effect. Participants (N = 200) were asked to fill a questionnaire pack consisting of dispositional humility measures, situational humility vignettes, self-esteem, and selfenhancement measures. Despite the methodological issues they pose, it was hypothesized that self-reported dispositional humility would predict situational humility. Additionally, self-esteem and self-enhancement would significantly predict dispositional humility and serve as mediators between dispositional and situational humility. The findings largely supported the hypotheses, except for self-esteem, which was not consistently associated, agreeing with current research.

    Revisiting the Humility Effect: Dispositional Humility Predicting Situational Humility & Mediation Modelling with Self-Enhancement and Self-Esteem

    1. PhD thesis
    2. english
      1. Social science -- Psychology