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  • October 2021
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    • Introduction: Cyprus has the highest rate of caesarean deliveries in Europe with 56.9% of live and still births in 2015, which is more than double the European average of 27%. The majority being due to maternal requests. Across western countries, childbirth has become a couple-centered event as fathers are becoming more involved during their partners’ pregnancies in comparison to previous times. Yet there is a lack of knowledge in regards to the role the father may play in the decision-making process for childbirth method.

      Objective: Drawing from the lack of research in this field, the present study aimed to investigate levels of paternal involvement during this process in the Cypriot population.

      Methods: Men with at least one child under the age of five, involved in a committed relationship with the mother of their child were eligible to take part in the study. A total of 108 participants took part in the study. The research project employed a quantitative-based cross-sectional design. A battery of self-report questionnaires were employed as instruments of data collection and were made available on an electronic platform.

      Results: Findings suggest that a constructive communication style between partners can determine the fathers’ level of involvement during decision-making for childbirth method. Also, fathers’ partners with positive beliefs towards a specific type of childbirth method increases the likelihood of selecting that type of delivery method. Fathers’ beliefs about a specific childbirth delivery option does not influence the actual decision made.

      Conclusion: The current study highlights the need for further exploration, by employing qualitative research designs, of possible indirect factors that could have a significant impact on prenatal paternal involvement. It is recommended that future studies investigate the reasons why fathers take a passive stance during the decision-making process by taking into account societal cultural perspectives of the father’s role during pregnancy as well as exploring healthcare system approaches to childbirth.

    Exploring Cypriot Fathers’ Attitudes, Beliefs and Level of Involvement Around the Decision-Making Process for Childbirth Method.

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