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  • 2021
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    • The compassion and behavioral aspects of oncologists and healthcare professionals significantly influence the capacity of the healthcare workers to understand and support the emotional and health status of patients within contemporary medical care settings. Multiple factors influence compassion satisfaction, fatigue and empathy levels of healthcare professionals, which ultimately affects the quality of medical care. While assessing a survey population of oncologists and healthcare professionals in Cyprus, the current research explores the self-reported levels of compassion fatigue as mediated by burnout and traumatic stress within the healthcare environments. In essence, the study explored the influence of compassion fatigue on compassion satisfaction and empathy levels among oncologists and healthcare professionals across Cyprus. Through collection of extensive survey data from the sample population, the research methodology applied coding within SPSS for both descriptive and inferential statistics. Results established from the analysis of data indicate the positive associations manifesting between empathy and compassion fatigue, based on the incremental nature of positive beta values. Based on direct proportionality, it implied that a one-unit increase in empathetic inclinations of oncologists and healthcare professionals in caring for the cancer patients also attracted an increase in the variations that linked to compassion fatigue.
      Although low levels of fatigue are desired within healthcare settings, the levels of self-reported compassion fatigue were portrayed to be moderately high, which affects the provision of empathic support to cancer and general patients. From a broader perspective, there is a significant relationship and the same was confirmed on the mediating roles of distress and emotional regulation. Therefore, a healthcare model that considers mitigation policies to eradicate distress and optimization of emotional regulation was reported to hold the capacity to build empathetic tendencies that lower compassion fatigue while increasing compassion satisfaction.


    Understanding the relationship between Empathy, Compassion Fatigue in Oncologists and Health Professionals in Cancer Care

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