Mara, Elena
  • School of Law
  • June 2021
    517 pages
    Law -- Human Rights
    • This research examines the relationship between security considerations and human rights protection under the prism of securitization theory. By employing a multi-method research approach, the study investigates the contextual parameters that brought securitization into being and the mechanisms that sustain durable securitization. It also addresses the issue of actors, the role of the media while reintroducing the audience to the research agenda. Importantly, this research focus on the potential imbalance between security and human rights considerations, assessing the effectiveness of that imbalance.

      Greece used as a case study to investigate the parameters mentioned above, as a case of durable securitization, which also portrays high levels of human rights deviations. As a case study, Greece's characteristics provide a unique opportunity to examine the birth of securitization, the process and context that sustain securitization into being, and the impact of the imbalance between security and human rights on public security.

    Security and human rights in the context of migratory trends: the case of Greece

    1. PhD thesis
    2. english
      1. Law -- Human Rights