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  • April 2020
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    • Sexuality is understood as a fundamental part of human life and significantly contributes to selfexperienced
      life satisfaction on many levels. Sexuality in relation to health has been recorded in only a few studies worldwide, for example in the „NSHAP - National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project“ (Lindau et. al., 2007; Suzman, 2009; Galinsky, McClintock & Waite, 2014) and thus forms the starting point for this work. Sexuality is subject to the ever- changing values of society. This work examines the determinants of health-related sexuality and the interactions between these factors. This study presents a model of salutogenic sexuality. This is made up of 4 main factors, (1) the social-biological factor, (2) the personality factor, (3) the health factor, and (4) the sexuality factor. The study was conducted by means of an online survey, in cooperation with the provider of the largest Internet forum on "Erotic and Sexuality" in German-speaking countries. A total of 277 people, 178 male and 99 female, with an age range from 21 to 88 years, participated in the survey. From the results of the study, it is clear that in the presented model of salutogenic sexuality, especially age as an item of the sociobiological factor, has a significant impact on sexuality. Generational effects regarding sexual education and sexual values in general, can also beobserved. People with higher self-esteem show less anxiety and more control over their own sexuality. It also shows that increasing satisfaction with life is associated with a higher level of self-esteem. The results also show that with better health over all factors (especially the body image and chronic diseases), a higher own sexual appreciation, sexual motivation and sexual selfconfidence is described.The differences and relationships between the groups were examined by means of t-tests,correlation and regression analyzes. The model of salutogenic sexuality was examined by means of factor analysis and confirms the previously found relationships and effects.

    Sexuality and Salutogenese : Sexuality as a driver of successful and healthy aging?

    1. PhD thesis
    2. english