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  • September 2018
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    Anastasiou, Andreas
    Mental health
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    • The relationship between Social Interest and Mental Health was assessed among a student sample from the Lebanese population, in Lebanon. A total of 193 individuals (convenience sample) were administered the J.E. Crandall’s Social Interest Scale (SIS), and Veit and Ware’s Mental Health Inventory (MHI-38), along with an in-depth demographic survey. Social Interest was not correlated with Mental Health, any of its five subscales (Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Behavioral/Emotional Control, General Positive Affect, Emotional Ties), or its two global scales (Psychological Distress, Psychological Well-Being) in the total population, or in specific populations when each demographic strata was checked individually, hence nonconforming to all prior research on the effects of Social interest on Mental health, to produce new findings in this area of study. Implications of the findings, as well as suggestions for future research were provided.

    The Clinical Implications of Social Interest on Mental Health in Lebanon

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      1. Mental health
    3. Original: Unic - Rules: RDA