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  • March 2017
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    Vrontis, Demetris
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    • This doctoral research explores the factors which can positively influence employee retention during organizational mergers and acquisitions, with focus on the Cyprus Cooperative Banking sector. Particularly, the research concentrates on the identification, analysis, evaluation and interrelation of employee challenges and concerns faced during mergers and acquisitions, describes the Human Resource Department’s role, and ultimately prescribes the necessary actions during the process. The theoretical foundation of the research was built on a thematic and narrative literature review that provided the research with the essential contextual information used for the development of its initial conceptual framework.

      Methodologically, the research followed the deductive method, utilizing extant works and secondary data in the preliminary stages of the study. A critical realism perspective was subsequently retained to gather primary data through an inductive methodology. Specifically, three qualitative research methods were adopted (semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and in-depth interviews), all subjected to triangulation, credibility, reliability, and validation. The research took place in Cyprus, and the sample(s) comprised professionals and cooperative managers and employees with a university degree and/or having at least five years work experience in any in-house cooperative department.

      The research findings underlined the significant challenges and concerns facing employees during mergers and acquisitions, and the critical role of the Human Resource Department in their retention. Particular weight was identified in specific factors, such as career opportunities, incentives, culture, security, role provision, information and communication, vision co-creation and sharing, and meritocracy in hiring and promotion. In terms of scholarly and managerial implications and value, the application of the final conceptual framework developed can help employers identify and understand employee concerns, and can also be utilized towards higher retention rates during mergers and acquisitions, in the Cyprus Cooperative Banking sector.

    The Retention of Key and Talented Employees during Mergers and Acquisitions The Case of the Cyprus Cooperative Banking Sector

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    3. Original: Unic - Rules: RDA